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The Transparency Project

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       In reflection of the ongoing political tension for transgender rights, such as the House Bill 2 controversy in North Carolina, and the President’s Executive Order to no longer accept transgender recruits into the U.S. Military, the interest for a production in support of the trans community has been expressed to the founder of JTR Presents. Therefore, the brand is arranging a collaboration between the trans and creative communities to address this issue. JTR Presents is producing an exhibition, currently titled “The Transparency Project” to empower trans by using the Arts as a platform for them to tell their individual, and collective, stories and regain their own agency. The hope for this is to grant the community the power and platform to tell their own story in their own way using the Arts.

Project Description

The Transparency Project is a total of 10 workshops, between ten artists and the participants of the trans community, followed by an exhibition from June to October, 2019. The Project will start June 1st and will conclude December 3rd. There will be two workshops for each month leading to the month-long exhibition in October. The exhibition will take place in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, with Asheville, and Charlotte as contingency locations. The workshops will be held in Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh, and Durham. From June through September, the ten artists will have sessions with participating Transgender collaborators and produce a maximum total of 100 works of art. The artist reception will be October 5th, and host an artist talk from the ten participating artists. This talk will also be broadcasted live on a social media platform.

Project Goals

  • Use Art as a platform for the Transgender community to tell their story in their own light.

  • Provide a forum other communities can interact with the artists and the Transgender community.

  • Raise awareness of Transgender issues to the public.

  • Inform the public about the effects of representation.

  • Offer resources and materials for communities to mobilize and support the Transgender community.

  • Engage the North Carolinians in advocating for the Trans community through this platform.

What can you do to help this project?

Not Afraid

Spread the word

Please tell anyone you know that may be interested about this project and ask if they are willing to contribute to the project. 

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We are looking for support ranging from Financial & In-Kind Donations, to hosting spaces for the workshops and exhibitions. 

There are several venues you can partner with the project.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We are looking for fiscal sponsorship from a non-profit to qualify for grants and offer tax-deductions for individual supporters of the project. We are also looking for businesses, both for and not-for profit, to support the brand and the project in any way they can.


We are looking for members of the trans community who would like to be the subject for the artists to build work off of. Anyone interested and willing is welcomed to participate in the workshops between June and September 2019 when the artist are traveling to the major cities in NC make work. We also need volunteers that can help during those workshops to help set up, facilitate conversations, and break down the event. Anyone willing to also volunteer their space, room & board, facilities to house the artist or help with their work, that would be appreciated as well.



Any words of wisdom you would have for this project could be greatly appreciated. Also, any information regarding the communities or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. This is a project for the people and by the people, and therefore want the people to have an input.

Workshop Locations/Spaces

Between June and September, We looking for a space in Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh, and Durham for hosting the workshops. Here, artists will hear participants’ stories and from there, collaborate and brainstorm ideas to produce work. 



Although the idea of this exhibition was inspired by artists from the LGBT Communities, we are not well that connected the the community, but would like to fix that. We want to get their input on this project in order to tailor it to best serve them. We also want to identify the value this project has and want to hear from others what value this provides to them. Any connections you can make to get us to have an audience with the right people, we would greatly appreciate it. 


We are applying for grants and setting up crowdfunding campaigns to build the necessary funds for this project. We are cultivating a donor base and therefore seeking individual support from donors. The fundraising goal is to reach $80,000, the budget for the whole project, by June of 2019. Any help with this effort would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us directly for more information. 

The Exhibition Space - Raleigh

We are looking for a space to host the exhibition, and do a panel discussion with the artists to supplement the exhibition experience. Although Raleigh is the primary location to have the exhibition, other places, such as Asheville and Charlotte are contingency locations and want to address logistics for those plans as well. 

       Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. We hope you are willing to work with us in making this project come to fruition and use Art and Design to help the lives of others.