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established in 2016

In the fall semester of 2010, a freshman in NC A&T’s Art Program was advised by one of his mentors to “find something worth talking about through [his] art”. Since then, that starry-eyed freshman began envisioning his personal, and professional, life making a living in the arts that helped other people’s lives in some way. As this freshman worked through the assignments and produced work, he also was involved in putting on exhibitions for the students of the program and eventually planned and produced exhibitions on his own. Taking the director’s advice, this student looked for graduate programs for Arts Administration to better put on exhibitions. Before graduating, he later got accepted into SCAD’s graduate program.

In March 2015, this student began the year-long intensive study of Art Administration and what that meant, in Atlanta. There, he learned the foundations of marketing, fundraising, financial reporting, legal topics in the Arts, and best business practices. He also learned the techniques to articulating his vision and refine it to a clear mission for the brand he wanted. Although he is still developing the brand, he created a temporary name to enact his mission and vision of using Art & Design to better life and community. For his final project to complete his studies and earn his Master’s degree, this student planned an exhibition and livestream production featuring an artist, whose work he thought was relevant to contemporary times.

That student was Jordan T. Robinson, who launched his brand, JTR Presents. The brand was established in August, 2016 with the production, “In Conversation with Joshua Rashaad McFadden” as the first professional level project the brand had accomplished. Within the first year of its establishment, the brand had done its first project with its first client. A charter school in Harrisburg, NC, wanted to turn their unused parking lot into an black-top playground. Through Graphic, and interactive, design, the Black-top playground was designed and created, which then used its profits to fund an exhibition titled "_______hood" (Pronounced Blankhood), to feature and promote five emerging artists with art relevant to contemporary issues and topics. Jordan, now a creative professional and social entrepreneur, seeks opportunities to help the community and provide a form of support for upcoming artists entering into the creative industries.

The story continues to this day...and we are looking for more authors to write it.

Our Identity

Blanhood at carrack.jpg

JTR Presents…

Envisions being a major influence in helping emerging contemporary artists become  further established in their career in Art & Design. By incorporating traditional and experimental methods, the  brand seeks to develop ways creativity can serve community. Along the process, it collaborates with contemporary artists, local businesses, and organizations to create productions that are innovative, culturally mindful, and social focused. Most importantly, the brand wishes to inspire the community to take action to help one another no matter the difference, through exposure, education, and introducing the "right people to the right resources."

In being these things, the brand dreams of securing and elevating the value of Art & Design by proving how it serves all levels of the hierarchy of needs.


Setting up Blankhood

Our Mission…

We measure the success of our vision through the creative services we offer to the public. The profits generated from these services are used to help fund creative productions used to promote and support emerging contemporary artists. Creatives are innovators and problem solvers that use aesthetics and visual elements to communicate their solutions. By supporting them, we support an answer to our current problems.


What we stand by...

Pay the creatives

We work to live and our work is our life. In exploring ways to expand on the value of creativity, we want to secure the value that is currently present. In all that we do, we aim to make sure that all creative talent is accommodated adequately. If being creative is valuable enough for individuals to dedicate their live, livlihood, and significant resources to do it every day, then it is worth making sure each individual gets the value they seek for their craft.

Design for Good

In all what we do, we take note on each project's impact. We want to make sure that the creative things we make serves more than just the client, but the community and the environment we are in.

Create to serve communities

Yes, the client is high priority. If the work we do helps something bigger than the client's needs, then we are happy with what we have done.  Service to others is what gives us a sense of direction and dvelops a uniqu value that keeps us passionate about the work we do.

There was  a piece Kurzgesagt had made on to define the argument of Egoistic Altruism. In it, there was a comment of the "zero sum game" and introduced the idea of abundance. We are adapting that belief of abundance with all that we do and believe everyone can have their cake AND eat it too. The question is, "What will it take to get that?" and "How can we continue to grow the pie?" This allows us to have the collaborative and supportive family we seek to cultivate every day in our "positive sum" world.

have your cake AND eat it

As part of our culture, we adopt McGuire's philosophy. Whether you are a client, a participating artist, or a collaborating partner, we can only be as good as our weakest, and we will always need the help of others to do our part effectively. This is also why we work to have a "win-win" mentality with all we work with, to keep help us better help you.

Help us help you

Each one Teach One

We believe in the "old school" as much as the "new school" and that everyone has something to bring to the table. No matter the rank, authority, or expertise, we are always open to hear the thoughts and lessons of that each individual has to share and take what we will with it.

Talking about issues and raising awareness is the first step to resolving an issue. However, actions are what leaves an impact and we can measure those actions better than just talking. The Arts typically serve the intellect and heart, but the Arts that inspire people to take the actions necessary to resolve contemporary problems is ideal, and we work continuaously to figuring out how to make that process more repeatable and at a bigger scale.

Awareness to action

In our "positive sum" world, we believe that collaboration is necessary to growing the pie. However, we believe that there are many ways we can do it. So, instead of getting others to follow "the plan", we encourage people to work together to build a plan, which often times are the best plans.

Collaboration over cooperation

There is a solution to every problem. In fact, there are many answers to a single problem. We investigate as many opportunitites and options there are to a resolve and are open to work with our clients to see which options do they see themselves best taking.

There're answers for each problem

Of all the values we stand by and the beliefs we hold, people will always be worth more than our principles and our values. This is because the principles we stand be are a means to get to the true goal: The overall betterment of people's lives.

People Over Principles