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Jordan T. Robinson
Executive Director


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Any inquiries, requests, or interests can be stated through the button below.

Our Process


Once you send in your inquiry, someone on staff will look over your details and send an initial thank you email requesting a time to speak. This initial meeting will fill out more details of your request, and typically takes at least an hour. From this, a design brief, containing all details for the project will be compiled and gives specific instructions to designers. 


Before work is done at all, we negotiate terms and conditions of the project with the client regarding our services and the scope of the project. From that discussion, a contract is drafted and must be signed and completed, along with a deposit, in order to begin work. 


Based off the design brief, creatives and the founder work on ideations, iterations, and provide at least three outcomes or ideas for the client. Depending on the specifics of the project, creatives collaborate with clients to ensure the visuals are in alignment with what the client has envisioned. 

Delivery of the final product is made after the final revisions and iterations are approved by the requester, completed by and payment received by JTR Presents,